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Drop ALT Mechanical Keyboard

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Jan 18, 2022
Hi. I have an issue/question for all you alt keyboard users. I noticed that when I hit left ctrl key 3 time the keyboard beeps. I don't know why and is kind of annoying sometimes. Any one has an idea of why this happens?
Jan 1, 2022
Ok so I've been re-posting the message below for the past few years and am now resigned to the fact that I'll never have this for my Drop ALT or Drop SHIFT. Instead, anyone know how to setup the firmware so it defaults to a specific LED brightness, speed and scrolling pattern? ======================================== " Has anyone been able to add a "Starlight" and "Rainbow Ripple" effect to the Alt? Short clips of my Vortex Pok3r running the "Starlight" effect and my Cooler Master SK630 running BOTH "Starlight" and "Rainbow Ripple" simultaneously (Why can't this expensive keyboard (the Alt) do what my cheaper Cooler Master can?). Pok3r: SK630: "
Jan 8, 2022
You need to enable the SmartEEPROM. Easiest way to do so is to generate a .bin with the QMK configurator instead of the drop configurator. The process form there is the standard way to load the firmware using the latest mdloader. Enabling SmartEEPROM allows the board to "remember" the last RGB setting between restarts/power cycles.
Nov 27, 2021
Where are the keyboards made i know the parts are probably made in china but are they assembled in the U.S.?
Nov 13, 2021
Hello, Is the PCB of the keyboard would work with any 65% PCB?
Oct 15, 2021
My ALT is functioning fine; however one of the LEDs is not showing the right colors. Anyone here knows the spec of the LEDs being used on the board so that I may look into replacing the faulty one on the board?
Oct 12, 2021
Sharing my experience in case it helps others with a similar problem. I've had my ALT for a few days now. At first it worked fine, then the "i" key started working intermittently, then finally it stopped working at all. I swapped the "i" switch and the "z" switch, but the "i" key still didn't work and the "z" key worked fine. I read in the discussions here about problems with the PCB, so I took off the back and noticed that the PCB connector for the "i" switch was hanging loose (see picture). I touched it up with a soldering iron, and now it is working again.

Dec 30, 2021
Upvoting this... my ALT came with 10 "lose" connectors on the PCB plus the one for 1 was completely not soldered and fell out when I took off the bottom board. Honestly surprised with the poor quality so have a solder iron and solder handy. Now off to debug why the right side of function keys don't work as the soldering looks fine.
Oct 1, 2021
How do I save my ALT keyboard configuration so that it remains when I power off and power back on my pc? Each time it resets to factory and I have to configure manually. I want to save it as all white led with reduced brightness (see pic below). I have not been able to figure out how to save this state. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Setting the default to white is not a problem you can do it in drops configurator: the brightness thing seems to be a little more work. I didnt try it but supposedly you can do it if you edit the source code but you can't do it in the GUI here is a little bit of explaining for that and for lighting in general:
Oct 1, 2021
Is there a way to buy a replacement keycap? I was cleaning my keyboard, a few fell to the floor and I rolled over them with my chair by accident. I need a "5" cap and a quotation marks cap, thank you in advance
Sep 27, 2021
Hey there, Does anyone know where I can get 1 replacement foot for the Drop Alt? Was advised they do not make these and to reach out here. Thank you in advance.
Sep 12, 2021
Has anyone been able to add more lighting effects to the Drop ALT or SHIFT? I haven't been able to find any firmware with a "Starlight" or "Rainbow Ripple" effect. I'd really like to have both running simultaneously. My Cooler Master RGB keyboards and Razer keyboards can do that (run both effects simultaneously). Short clips of my Vortex Pok3r running the "Starlight" effect and my Cooler Master SK630 running BOTH "Starlight" and "Rainbow Ripple" simultaneously. Pok3r: SK630:
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