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Mar 10, 2018
Wow, what an excellent little AAA flashlight! I received my first one yesterday and like it so much that I ordered another one last night to have as a backup in case the first one ever gets lost.
My preferred brightness order is L-M-H so I FINALLY have a keychain light with that order that isn't a twisty. I love the UI that allows plenty of time between presses to change the level. No more pressing as fast as I can just to try and get the next level. I also like that it turns off between each level so I don't have to cycle through all the way to the brightest level, just to shut off the light.
This is being carried as a keychain light which is just a supplemental light to the 2 Zebralights I EDC. In that role, it should last me many years while being easy to use and activate, dangling from my keychain.
Mar 10, 2018
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