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Everyday Carry Moderator
Feb 3, 2017
I'm really torn on this one. I had set my mind on getting the titanium version, that the CREE was already sold out was the only reason I did not join the very recent TI drop. (In hindsight that was a mistake.) Then, however, I received a sample of this here Massdrop Brass version. And, man, do I love this flashlight. I don't even particularly like Brass; not a single Brass Fountain or EDC pen in my collection. This Massdrop flashlight has pretty much the exact same dimensions as the Lumintop Ti tool, but it somehow looks sleeker. Build quality, tolerances, and fit and finish exceed what you'd expect to find in a $50 flashlight, not to mention a $25 one. It's just a joy to handle. I carried it around for a day, and I kept feeling for it in my pocket... my preciousssss The sample I received had the Nichia LED, and having used it for a day, I now prefer it to the CREE. I tried it with Alkaline, 750mAH and 800mAH Eneloop cells. I've had gadgets that did not like 800mAH cells for some reason, and I am happy to report that this flashlight works great with all of the aforementioned. A new fully charged 800mAH Eneloop cell took over 35 minutes to drain at max lumens. I would not recommend this, however, as the Brass can get unpleasantly hot. At $25 this is flashlight is a steal. But then there is the titanium version... sh*t
Feb 3, 2017
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