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Apr 7, 2017
Just unboxed my flashlight (April 7, 2017) and wow is it nice! The metal has a gorgeous polish to it, it's smooth to the touch and glossy all over, really beautiful.
First impressions on the light are all great. The button was smaller than I was expecting, but even with large rock climber hands it's more than enough to use without needing to "aim" my thumb. The clip on the back has the perfect level of spring to it imo, and is reversible for however you like to carry the light.
I completely forgot about the different levels of light, so when I turned it on I was like "Hmm. I mean for the size that's good I guess but not exactly what I was hoping for". Then I started clicking the button more rapidly to get a feel for it and nearly blinded myself! An added feature I really love was the ring of glow-in-the-dark material by the LED's end. Really cool touch that I thought showed an extra level of detail to the light.
Well done Massdrop on your first EDC light! Here's to many more MD-produced items!
Apr 7, 2017
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