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Nov 1, 2019
first and last impression after using for a year is that it’s brilliant. It has a perfectly chamfered edge and is smooth at all points and no hotspots, even at the very tip of the pocket clip, where typically it is swept up or curved at an angle that the pocket clip will catch things or a scrape your favorite new watch — this won’t , and it’s made by a company that hasn’t made a flashlight before this. 😳 that’s incredible — they seem like they’ve done this before with the perfect amount of lumens needed (I know it’s soft but it’s a day torch and I used it at night many times and have been more than impressed with both its throw and it’s spill). The feeling, in hand, is smooth and well made so that the pineapple grip doesn’t stick or even wear on pants. I wear this in my suit pocket pants for open houses and I love the look amongst my hard use edc and all of my gent carry edc. It fits anywhere, and in many different looks and uses.
Nov 1, 2019
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