Drop Cache Display Valet
Drop Cache Display Valet
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Knives, pens, watches, wallets: You name it, there’s a place for everything in the Drop Cache Display Valet—and this version is even better than the original.

Drop Studio
Mar 9, 2020
We are excited to bring the EDC Drop community this updated version on the Cache EDC Valet Display. Much is the same, same price - same layout - we elevated the valet with black powder coated trim, a locking mechanism. Due to community feedback, we are also offering a nesting drawer as an add-on; one needs not stop at one, because you can add as many drawers as you wish.
Sep 7, 2020
Do you think if I purchased my own additional watch pillows I could add 3-4 more watches where the sunglasses are normally stored? I had preordered this but cancelled today. I’m considering preordering it again of this is a possibility.
Nov 22, 2020
Seems you guys have problems stocking this display valet storage box. The same happens with other popular goods, can you solve this issue instead of having out of stock items and loosing sales to other display valet vendors?
Marketing Team
Oct 15, 2020
OCT 15 UPDATE Hi everyone, Quick update on the display valets: Unfortunately, we're tracking behind the expected ship date of 10/30 and now expect to ship in mid-November. We apologize for the delay. If you'd rather not wait the additional time, this run is open for cancellations via your Transactions page at drop.com/transactions. Thanks so much for your patience. We look forward to getting these shipped out to you as soon as they arrive at the warehouse. NOV 18 UPDATE Hi everyone, Quick check in-- these are expected to arrive at our warehouse on Friday. Shipping will begin soon after. You can expect to receive tracking next week. Thanks for your patience; we're looking forward to getting these out to you soon. 11/24 UPDATE Hi everyone, Quick update on shipping-- All units have arrived at our warehouse and shipping is beginning. It may take a few days for everyone to receive tracking, so if you don't today, don't worry. Everything will go out in the next few days.
Nov 25, 2020
So you waited for all the units to come in before shipping them out instead of shipping them as they come in so that the people who ordered early back in Sept/Oct can get theirs? Craziness. This will probably be my last purchase from Drop.
I'm sorry, I think you may be confused with how Drop preorders work. If an item is in preorder, this is because it needs to be manufactured. So if you bought an item in a preorder in September or October, that means we don't have stock in the warehouse and your expected ship date is based on when the next shipment of your particular product is set to arrive at our warehouse.
Jan 4, 2021
Any idea when these will be back in stock? I need to get organized.
Dec 27, 2020
When is stock returning on this item! Need to get a couple
Dec 2, 2020
How long does one have to wait for a replacement?
Dec 2, 2020
As one might imagine, I'm very disappointed in this - especially since this is in such an obvious place.
Dec 2, 2020

Nov 30, 2020
Any idea when the next run of these will be?
Nov 14, 2020
Been waiting for almost two months. This better ship on time.
Nov 6, 2020
So I've been analyzing this thing a bit. Hard to do without owning one but I've been thinking of building something similar for myself and have been pricing raw materials (including anything I'm upcycling) and trying to plan how I'd do it, but with different material and a better closure system. I looked at box kits, old boxes on eBay and Etsy. I looked at the many jewelry valets that people linked. I looked at stacking trays. Cigar boxes. Trying to decide -- velvet sheets cut to fit with a razor, or suede flocking? Foam inserts, or wooden ones, or random trays chosen because they'd fit? Start with something three quarters of the way there and customize it to my own liking? Clear lid or a lid that pops up with its own storage? I looked through surplus sites (military surplus is usually a great starting point for DIY stuff like this, it's usually cheap and damn near indestructible for the price and built for function) and then I started using looser search term parameters to look at similar items on the market. This is what I've come up with: 1) The people comparing the outer construction to a jewelry box aren't really making an apples to apples comparison. They can be forgiven, because Drop themselves curiously don't tell you what the differences are in their sales pitch, but there are a few. Hinges, for example. On the items being linked you have cheap box hinges and maybe, possibly, a strut arm on one side which is bad for long term stability as it encourages the other side of the lid to loosen.
On the drop item?
The Valet actually has proper quadrant hinges, which is not an accident as the walls of the box need to be morticed for those to even fit. The support arm fits into a milled pocket. You don't have to 'pop' it to get it to shut. And they have one on each side, unlike the cheapie boxes with their single strut arm that looks to be riveted through the sides. Drop makes no mention of these differences in their ad copy, for whatever reason. Maybe they don't know what they are? It's possible that they just started with the design for, like, a humidor and ran with it - the Valet is the equivalent of a pleathered humidor with different sized storage trays and no hygrometer although the USB hole even kind of looks like it was milled to put in the standard hygrometer, so who knows. 2) Most of the watch storage boxes and jewelry boxes have regular and repeating internal structure (they're meant for storing 10 watches, or 100 rings, or whatever) and very little of it is of the size to take a pocket knife, let alone a phone. But it's a lot easier to manufacture compared to the individualized trays in the valet.
3) The lock is something that unfortunately is every bit as cheap as the jewelry box stuff. It's also a bit pointless. It won't deter a thief because it's the sort of lock that can be picked with a paper clip and if not, the whole box will go into their bag, nice and tidy. It would have been much much better for Drop to give this something more substantial for a closing device even if it's as simple as a toggle. So I gotta ding them on this one. 4) I think probably enough has been said about the pleather over what looks like paper fiberboard but in case it hasn't, it's an incredibly unfortunate design choice. This thing would look ten thousand times better made out of raw wood and it'd be much more rugged. Pleather and paperboard -- don't get this thing wet. I like the felt style lining better as a material choice but still, the material choices are questionable and if they redo it they should go hardwood. 5) If I wanted to build this for myself I would buy:
  • A humidor with a clear lid and interior trays;
  • Balsa or other craft wood and blocks of square foam to help shape the form of the interior storage trays;
  • a bunch of felt to be cut to fit, or suede flocking and adhesive to coat the interior trays;
  • A brass or copper fitting to serve as a port for the USB line, probably where the hygrometer was before;
and by the time I was done with it, all the mitered cuts and careful applications and fiddling around, I'd have something I would like a lot more than the Drop Valet... but I can't kid myself that it'd be less expensive. Especially if I tried to price my own labor, as it's likely a project I'd spend days if not a week puttering on. There's quite a bit of stitchwork and the closer you look the more you notice. Long story short this piece has a little bit more going for it than some of us are giving it credit for having, I think.
Nov 9, 2020
Thanks for the thorough investigation. I have been searching for something like this for a few years. Prices for anything similar are just as high. This has the best interior layout for my husband's edc with no wasted space for items he does not use like rings
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