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Sep 27, 2020
My plan is to use this keyboard at work. I've only briefly used it at home so far, but here are my first impressions. The Good:
  • The keyboard feels solid and with almost no flex. It doesn't creak and has some nice weight to it.
  • The Halo True switches feel nice. It's almost like a smoother and heavier Cherry MX Brown than it is like a Cherry MX Clear or Ergo Clear. The switches are nice and smooth with a low to medium tactility and a progressive spring weight, so you don't bottom out badly unless you're a heavy typer. There is a little bit of wobble, but nothing too bad.
  • The backlighting is consistent with no hot spots. It can be turned off easily and has four brightness settings from low to very bright.
  • USB C is really easy to plug into the back of the keyboard.
  • The feet feel really sturdy and well made. Even though they are exposed, I do not expect them to break.
  • It comes with a nice wire keycap puller and a USB C to USB A cable
The Mediocre:
  • There is a lot of inconsistency in the sound of the switches. Some of mine do get the dreaded ping from time to time and the switches do not sound consistent when typing on them, but that is more of a personal niggle.
  • The caps, while double shot back lit caps, are nothing special. They feel okay, but not as good as Cherry/GMK, EnjoyPBT, or BSP. They are much much better than Signature Plastics, Tai Hao, or any of the other thin ABS keycaps. The legends are also not the best I've seen.
  • The USB C cable is a cheap run of the mill cable. I've been spoiled and have come to expect a sleeved/braided cloth cable.
  • There is no barebones option. I know hotswap is not realistic at the price point, but it's nice to at least have a bare bones version so that I can put the switches I absolutely want on the keyboard or do my own hot swap setup.
The Bad:
  • The USB port is fully exposed and not recessed or on the bottom side of the keyboard. This design can sometimes result in the USB hub breaking off of the PCB or the solder cracking and is a durability concern.
My final impressions is that it is a really solid keyboard for the money and one that I would recommend in a heartbeat. Most of my mediocre to negative points are not about the product being bad, just the result of the price point and having to pick and choose what features you're going to include in the keyboard while keeping it under $100. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find something comparable, especially with a nice aluminum case, for less.


Would recommend to a friend.
Sep 27, 2020
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