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Oct 29, 2019
This knife is good-looking, if a bit basic apart from the shape of the blade itself. It performs and cuts well, and it stays nice and sharp. It's easy to carry, and generally does all the things you want a knife to do. I love the design, and this blade shape has been a favorite of mine for years. In general, this is a quality offering. I wouldn't say that it is spectacular per say, but my standards have evolved as I have started to purchase more and more expensive blades. The fit and finish is good for the price point, though not phenomenal on mine at least. That being said, this one is obviously not super expensive and still performs as well and looks as nice as some I've tried that cost more. I did have some issues with my pivot when I first got it and had to disassemble and oil it, then tweak it myself to get it where I wanted. Not a huge issue, but an issue nonetheless. Overall, I feel like this is a good deal at the current price, and would probably still be (just barely) worth it even if you were to pay the $140. I do feel like there is a lot of competition in this price range from various other companies, but I still think this is a solid choice. I really wish I could add half-stars. For what it is, the quality of the product puts it solidly in the 3.5 star territory, and almost to 4-star, though in my opinion it falls a bit short of that. If you are looking for actual budget knives though, there are some competitive (or better) options in terms of price. And if your budget isn't a primary concern, you can find some even better choices for a not-tremendous increase in cost. Still, if you are looking in a comparable price range and for these materials, it would be difficult to do a whole lot better. And, in my opinion, you could certainly do worse. Don't mistake this for a negative review. It just didn't wow me, and had a few minor shortcomings that altogether led to the eventual rating. 3-stars is good, and the knife is absolutely that. It just isn't outstanding in my opinion.
Oct 29, 2019
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