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Nov 3, 2019
For $100 I figured that this knife was worth trying. FF designs don't really move me one way or another and the way the new website kept trying to sell me one was annoying, but this one looked a little different so I gave it a shot when they dropped the price. Glad I did. It's got a nice little balance and an easy flip. Like a number of other titanium frame locks I kind of wish the lock bar got a little further out when it engaged but it's titanium, it's not going to fail easily. With some more wear in it'll probably grab a bit more of the tang. It's an interesting little knife. Looks bigger on the screen than it did in my hand -- the blade has that cleaver-esque thing going on but it's still fairly slim for that. And it's a nice brushed satin blade, not like the stonewashed stuff that people were complaining about acquiring patina in record time. Good, intentional, purposeful build. So, good on you, Drop, for dropping the price. Made me willing to take a flyer, and now I'm more willing to check out the Crux or the Mordax.
Nov 3, 2019
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