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Oct 27, 2019
I received my DAO the other day and for the hundred dollar discounted price I'm happy with it however for 140 I probably wouldn't pick it up personally. just being honest although depends what you want in a folding knife. as you read the other reviews I have the same complaints of the flipper tab is kind of small, although I can deploy it fairly consistently, but I mostly finger flick the knife open instead bc of this although i cant flick it out with my thumb as the opening aperture is not big enough but it does spydie flick with the first and middle fingers just fine and the other compliant is the handle is rather narrow but those are my only two gripes really. I also think the finger choil is a little too large and sacrifices some cutting edge but that's minor. I can get four fingers on the knife and the action is super smooth and probably one of the most fall shutty actions out the box ive recieved ever and I have owned well over 200 folders . I picked up the original bronze stonewash version with the blue Backspacer and clip and the quality and fit and finish is nice as you would expect from WE knives. It does ride a little high in the pocket but overall for the discounted drop price I like it and have been carrying it since its arrival. The stone washed bronze looks really nice and will hide wear very well. Its similar to the keen or any of the other WE collabs which I have been happy with all of them except for the terzoula ctf knife which is the only one I didn't end up keeping due to the very short grind and too thick BTE. If it had a different blade grind I would've liked it. For the DAO at 140 I'd probably pass and pick up something else though but that is probably personal taste playing a factor but I'm at the hundred dollar current pricing I can definitely recommend this knife.
Oct 27, 2019
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