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Jan 19, 2019
I have to laugh sometimes... people don’t like aluminum cause it shows wear.... I love aluminum because it shows wear! I’m going to hand down my knives to my kids so the fact that the aluminum ones will show the wear I put on them through the years will only make them the knives my kids will probably want the most... shows the knife lived and worked with me through the daily trenches the day provided from me through its life and mine! Secondly it’s light and most bigger knives people complain you can only wear with heavier pants .. I wear gym pants a lot so big ti blades just don’t make it into them often for obvious reasons. Remember if you see a guy with a knife that looks brand new I always think “ he’s prob scared to “ mark it up” so it’s a pocket queen for show .... I see a guy that has a knife that has wear and tear and personal story of its journey all over it I think “ that’s a guy that works and his blade obviously works with him daily” my kids would want the knife that told the stories I’m no longer around to tell... I wanted the things my dad had that showed songs of him and things you encountered in his daily life ... something special about a knife that shows battle scars... just life life shows on us! GREAT JOB on this knife everyone!
Jan 19, 2019
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