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Aug 2, 2017
I bought a pair of HE-400i's about 9 months ago, and they immediately replaced my DT-880s as my everyday headphones. The DT-880s are nice, but the HE-400is have a lot more detail and are much easier to drive than the 250 ohm DT-880s - you really don't even need an amp (although I figure that I might as well use one anyways).
I thought I got a pretty good deal at $239 - at $169, this is ridiculous (depending on tax/shipping). I'm somewhat tempted to buy these and sell the HE-400i's, although I am a fan of the new headband system (probably the most comfortable headphones I've ever had).
I guess I will wait for my HD6XX and see how those compare.
I hope this drop is super-successful, and MD eventually does a HE5XX or HE1XXX.
Aug 2, 2017
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