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Oct 29, 2020
Just received these today. I haven't had more than a few minutes to listen to them, but initial impressions are very positive. I'm going to try listening with and without the Oratory1990 EQ settings before I come to any conclusions. It may be a week or so before I can review them properly. They are the third Drop headphones I've bought: the others are the HD58X and Koss ESP-95x. While I've been happy with the sound of both, I must say that the fit and comfort of the Koss lags behind the other two. The HD58X is just about ideal, which makes them very suited for long listening sessions. The HE4XX is quite close and I expect it will be easy to get accustomed to as well. The Koss (as mentioned in my review is very loose and a poor fit as delivered, requiring me to make some adaptations. I'm happy that the HE4XX has a good seal with the earpads and there's just enough pressure from the headband/yokes to make a firm but comfortable fit. I'm not bothered at all by the weight; we'll see if they become excessively warm after wearing them for an hour or so.
Oct 29, 2020
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