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Mystery box... not bad
I was really going back and forth on the rating for this. What was included in my box with current values: Black Panther Desk Mat - $9 (currently unavailable, but this is what it was selling for) Drop Holy Panda X Mechanical Switches x 70 - $38 Skylight Keycap Set (Classic) - $25 DROP + MITO MT3 GODSPEED R2 (Apollo base kit) - $120 Total - $192
  • The desk mat - This one of those things where we all know there is a good chance you are ending up with a marvel mat, but it is still a disappointment when you get it. If I wanted that I would have added it they are at an impulse buy price of 9 bucks. Also, there are already some loose threads on one side of the mat, so not sure how long it would hold up with that. Other than that though the mat seems of great quality and has a nice feel. The aesthetic just isn't for me.
  • The Panda X - Only getting 70 is a bit rough, I know that it is stated minimum of 70, as it isn't enough for many builds. I'll try and compare them to other holy variants to see how they fare. I am interested in these as I haven't tried them out and they have decent reviews on here.
  • Skylight set - I knew we were getting one of these and I don't have any so it is nice to get. It would have been nice to get a more colorful set but it will work to check out sometime or as a gift for someone maybe.
  • Godspeed keycap set - This is really nice. I'm looking forward to putting this on my board and checking it out. They look really sharp and feel nice. I haven't experienced an MT3 set before so this was a great get in a fantastic colorway for me.
The desk mat and skylight caps will be a giveaway to someone. The Godspeed caps are what really saved this box for me. Without that, I would have been disappointed. With the 2 items not counted I basically got $158 worth of value with the switches and Godspeed. Unfortunately, if I do like the Panda X's I will need to purchase another 35 pack of them to kit out my TKL. Overall I'm ok with my purchase, I had fun opening it. If you are like me and fairly new to the custom mechanical keyboard side of things and want a little bit of excitement, it is fun. Would I do it next time? We will see, if there aren't any more Marvel desk mats I think the odds would be higher lol
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