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Aug 20, 2018
As others have pointed out, the original delivery date estimate was missed by about 2-3 weeks. I can live with that, as the price was excellent - however, I do wish Massdrop had better communication when all that was going on. You can see the discussion page - it was radio silence right around the estimated delivery date. Your customers will much much happier if you at least keep them informed of what is happening and are responsive to the community.
I just ordered the legs, and have used my own top. Everything went together in about 30 minutes of assembly. I still need to do some cable management on the underside, but it definitely works as advertised. I've got a decent amount of weight (I'm guessing the top + everything I keep on it is about ~75 lbs (34 kg).
Generally the fit and finish is good, but a few places seemed rough (the motor / ballscrew package looked like it had been persuaded to fit into the one of the legs) but this is hidden and not seen once assembled. There's a couple of other small areas, but overall I'm very happy with the purchase. I shopped around a lot and could not come close to beating the price for this setup.
Aug 20, 2018
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