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Sep 14, 2018
bought four, one assembled so far.
as you assemble this, you will want to go slowly and not force any of the screws. my wife kind of got ahead of herself and i had to back out some of the bolts and (gently) use a rubber mallet to get everything aligned. you really need to take your time and not over tighten things.
you'll want to place the table top upside down onto the foam packing, and then align and assemble the table stand to fit.
once everything was all assembled and plugged in, it worked perfectly. i was playing with raising and lowering the table and the 'overheat' warning came on, but that's understandable.
very stable unless fully extended, even then, still fairly stable. I am going to use two of these to create a treadmill / standing desk, will post photos once completed.
I saw a very similar table for sale in a high-end furniture store for $1500, so i am very happy with the quality at this price point.
the only reason this is not a 5-star review is the metal is kind of soft where the screws go into the threads and you really do have to be careful not to misalign or over-tighten or you are going to be very unhappy when you strip the bolt holes.
also, some of these came by fedex and some by US postal service (wtf?) and the PO delivery was delayed - i wish it had all come together at once as fedex.
when gathering all the components we thought something was missing but it turned out the center rails were inside another part of the packing.
overall quite pleased and kinda sorta looking forward to assembling the other three and getting my office set up like i want - photos to come soon...
Sep 14, 2018
Oct 21, 2019
where dem photos :) can't wait for mine!
Oct 21, 2019
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