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Jul 27, 2021
i was actually pretty hype for this, but i was hoping for something better. at least this isnt another bow/wob set. if i was able to get just the enter and r0 novelties i would be a lot more willing to spend some money on the caps. the marvel logo caps locks seem really uninspired and a lack of novelties and other kits in general is disappointing. like its blue and red they could have easily added spiderman novelties or something. also add a black/red kit and you have a miles morales and winter soldier set as well as cap. these also could have been made in sa profile to make them fit with the infinity saga artisans that dropped a while back. i know not a lot of people go for novelties but in a licensed set like this it seems like an obvious choice to include. especially a franchise as big as the mcu you would think that coming up with novelties would be pretty simple
Jul 27, 2021
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