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Nov 1, 2020

Welcome to the Sleeper drop!

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ:
  • Will this work on my keyboard?
R: If your keyboard features MX mount, most likely yes.
  • What are the keycap sizes?
R: Refer to the images and descriptions on this page.
  • Packaging?
R: All kits made by Signature Plastics are divided into zip lock bags.
  • What's DCS?
R: A keycap set profile manufactured by Signature Plastics (Comptec Inc.) in Custer, WA (known for the original SA, DSA keycaps). The DCS style of keycaps was frequently used on 80s/90s computing systems distributed for the USA/Canada/France markets and are frequently found in Wyse terminals, for example.
  • Why these specs?
R: I appreciate sleeper PC modding, the soft colors I selected and the ABS/2shot material. Regarding comfort, the DCS profile is one of the best cylindrical sculpted profiles that exist, especially when combined with smooth switches. Thanks to the reduced thickness of the keycaps, the DCS profile is believed to highlight the feel of whatever switches are in use, unlike thicker options that end up "dampening" the feel of the switches a little.
  • Materials, legends?
R: The Sleeper project is made with ABS plastic (1.1 mm thick) and will feature the exact legends and sculpt seen on the render below.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions regarding the drop, kits you need, etc. just post below and I will help you asap. Thanks for looking! Mito
Nov 1, 2020
Dec 9, 2020
F* the key caps.. I want the keyboard frame! How much for a milling of that?
Dec 9, 2020
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