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Nov 5, 2020
To the people who actually think this set is a rip-off to GMK muted and GMK Mr.Sleeves add-ons, please understand the reasoning behind the thought process of the colorways and the keysets from all makers. For GMK Muted, the designer wanted to create a keyset that had muted colors, and so he created a set with those colors and made his set. The GMK Mr.Sleeves add-on kit, Taeha types wanted to create accents for the GMK Muted using the colors from his sweater sleeves that made him get the nickname, "Mr. Sleeves" and even stated it works for other "NEUTRAL base sets." and MiTo made DCS Sleeper for his appreciation for sleeper PC mods hence the keyset's name. All these keysets have their different backstory for their creations, their own design process. All because they all use some pastel-looking add-ons and gray neutral alphas and mods doesn't mean they are rip-offs of one or the other. If we agreed that MiTo did rip-off the GMK Muted design, I can fucking say The people who designed GMK minimal, KAT Refined, GMK Hennessey, GMK Bleached, stole from one another's designs because they all use white keycaps and black legends. I don't own GMK Muted or the Mr.Sleeves add-on keysets, hell I wasn't even a part of this keyboard community when those sets were released. And after just 3 minutes of researching, I found out the reasoning behind their colorways and the keyset designs to come to a conclusion that there was absolutely no ripping off of one or the other's keysets. So quit your small-dick bitchin and just appreciate the results of the keyset's look from MiTo's process to even get another keyset designed this year.
Nov 5, 2020
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