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Feb 22, 2019
HOW TO GET THE BEST SOUND FROM YOUR ETHER CX Your headphone will sound great out of the box, but with a little bit of care we can help you get the best possible experience. Burn In MrSpeakers headphones “burn-in” over the course of 100-200 hours. Our drivers have been processed using our patented V-Planar technique which creases the driver to improve bass response and reduce distortion. This unique process requires the driver diaphragm and conductive traces to reach a steady-state through some use. You can burn-in with regular listening and enjoy the changes as the driver stabilizes. Tuning Your new Massdrop MrSpeakers ETHER CX headphone comes with a tuning kit allowing you to tune the sound to your preferred listening volume and tonal balance. Due to the physiology of human hearing- the louder music plays, the more sensitive your ear is to low frequencies. This means tone of your headphone will change with volume and a headphone that sounds full and balanced at 75dB may sound thinner at 60dB. There are four included tuning materials listed in the order of increasing damping (damping softens the highs): 1) 2mm Black Foam (pre-installed) 2) Black Felt (slightly more damping for a bit more warmth) 3) 1-Notch White Felt (good for low volume or to increase bass) 4) 2-Notch White Felt (delivers the warmest tone, most bass) Tuning materials may be used alone, in combination, or not at all. “Pro-tips” from MrSpeakers: 1) White felts “burn in” as the fabric settles down,1-2 days of normal use will “open up” the sound of the felts. For this reason, don’t judge tunings instantly. Live with a tuning for a while and see how it settles. 2) Don’t be afraid to combine materials, white felts can be paired with black felt or foam just fine, for example. The only pairing that won’t work well is layering both of the one and two notch white felts at the same time.
Feb 22, 2019
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