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Mar 7, 2019
I have about 10 hours with my new pair of OEMs and that has been great 10 hours I can tell you. Most of the time using Roon/Tidal streaming to a SMSL-T1 with a Telefunken tube and fead from a Nobsound LPS. Opening the box was not the greatest experience, but that is what you have to expect when you by great OEMs at a very decent price. Inside the box I found a pair of Ethers with serialno# 0100, 6 tuning pads, a cable and an adapter. And the manual, short and nothing more than an average man manages to read. I think it is just fair that a hard shell box has been replaced with a cloth bag at this price level. The first test I did was using my Samsung S9- with a ZoorLoo ZuperDAC-S. I could hear the sound was there, but I had the feeling that little DAC was not driving the new OEMs properly, so I switched to my Jotunheim Multibit (Balanced output). Much better. And I changed the damping to the two notch white foam and that gave some warmth and more bass. MrSpeakers states that about 100-200hours of burning in is required, but even from the start they sound better that my Shure 1540. The MrSpeakers does not have the same V-shape sound sound as the Shure 1540s, something that makes them much more plesant when I turn the volume up. I will do some more critical listening when the burning in period is over, but I have to say that these closed cans makes me smile when I listen to music. They are lighter than both the Audeze LCD-2 and LCD-3 (I mostly use the LCD-3), but does not have the same level of bass. They are very plesant to wear, but the Hifiman Edition-X v2 I use a lot are more plesant to wear for longer periodes of time, but that is expected of open OEMs since they circulate the air and does not build up heat in the same way as closed can. Right now I am listening to Queens of the Stone Age and I am just having a great time. If the sound improves buring the buring in periode, this will just be even better.
Mar 7, 2019
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