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Dec 10, 2019
My black friday ether cx just arrived yesterday, out of the box I'm digging the build / comfort/ sound and its only 2 hours of burn in. The odd thing was that mine came with tuning pads, 2 sets of xlr balanced cables without the xlr adapter to 3.5mm. I will custom order for 3.5mm end since they didn't send me the xlr adapter. I prefer the leather band Mr speakers name over the Dan Clark Audio and luckily I was able to get the real og name on my head band. Mine is serial #427 which is odd because is shows over 612 sold on the website. The detail of the background really gets me and I do notice some flat sound but I think it will open up after the burn in. For $700 this is a great value headphone. The ether cx picked up other timbre detail that I couldnt hear on elex. The ether cx has more detailed natural timbre compared to focal elex punchy fast dynamic holographic timbre. I really dig the ether cx because I was looking for a more highly detailed natural sounding closed headphone at a reasonable price. Im using my D70 topping dac with my thx 789 and sub bass is pretty punchy if you listen to SZA - The Weekend. Can't wait to hear it open up more during the burn in. I don't hear any hissing in the DUM cables as well based on the other reviews from here. I think this headphone reveals over produced songs with turned up volume and bass which explains how certain new songs don't sound good with this headphone. I highly recommend this headphone at $700 only.
Dec 10, 2019
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