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May 18, 2019
People are using aftermarket hypebeast/flipper market prices to value these keys don't get it. This drop is a horrible deal. If there was an numpadless/iso-less groupby with price breakpoints, it would probably be $100. With enough kits sold it would be $90. Might suck for 1800/fullsize users cause numpad would be an extra $25 or so, but fullsize users got shafted by this kit anyways (Which is a BS reason against "these kits covers the basic boards". No, these kit covers the massdrop alt/ctrl/shift boards. This preorder subsidizes the keycap + massdrop brand keyboard combo massdrop has been doing lately with GMK laser and SA Pulse) Yes $90 is more than $75, but you could very likely have sold off the excess keys to make your own 65% kit and got it for well under $75. Yea I do think a market for these type of kits do exist and actually hoped they did, but this is a terrible execution.
May 18, 2019
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