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Drop Signature Series Sea Urchin Keyboard

Drop Signature Series Sea Urchin Keyboard

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Product Description
Purple, spiked, and packed with venom, sea urchins are among the most (in)famous features of the ocean floor. With enthusiast features and an aesthetic to match its name, our Sea Urchin Keyboard is poised to have an equally powerful reputation—but for all the right reasons Read More

Customer Reviews

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Oct 10, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
REALLY Good Value but...
When you think about the combined cost of all the individual parts that make up this board, this pre-built is actually a really good value. Heck, you can't even get new GMK Hennessey anymore. And on top of that, it comes in a well-padded carrying case with microfiber interior! I bought it on sale, but even at full price, it's still cheaper than buying the parts individually. TL;DR - This keyboard is great for someone who just wants something pretty and fancy out of the box. The stabs are lightly lubed and the switches are bone dry. It sounds...fine; definitely better than anything you can get from a big box store. However, I really just wanted the case in this colorway, so I got to work only to find this keeb isn't that mod friendly. There are weird sections on the underside of the plate, which makes it difficult to DIY midplate foam. Even a thin sheet of PE foam will make the case difficult to close up properly. The same goes for the tape mod. I ended up buying custom cut foam from StupidFish Designs to save me the trouble of cutting foam to fill the gaps. Maybe you could force break it, but the case is so solid when everything is tightened down, I don't think case ping is a problem. My biggest gripe with this keyboard is that it supports 3-pin switches only. I swapped switches to Tangerines and had to cut the extra pins off to put them in the CTRL. The switches fit VERY snuggly, so there aren't any stability issues. I'm just annoyed that a keyboard at this pricepoint doesn't support 5-pin switches.
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Aug 24, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Could Not Be Happier
The Sea Urchin was my first mechanical "keeb" and goodness, I could not be more happy with. Everything from the shipping presentation to the quality of the product to the sound/feel of the typing experience has been A+. I definitely recommend this product.
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Jun 22, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Simple elegance
I was drawn to the contrast between the keycaps and frame. Seem like a perfect match to me. Classic clean looks adds to the appeal. Switches are smooth, but will lube later to see if it can be improved. The keyboard frame is impressively solid and heavy rounding out the package. Looking forward to more offerings from Drop!
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checkVerified Buyer
Luxuriously Purple
I just unboxed this thing of beauty and I am impressed. Wow, seems inadequate. Too busy right now, but more words and some images to come later.
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May 27, 2022
GenjokoanDid you get the rest of the keycaps? And the box of the Hennessey?
FahmiiI only got the keys necessary to populate the CTRL and no keys box kit. I had forgotten how nice GMK keycaps were. I had said elsewhere that white would not have been my first choice, but I must say I have reconsidered that point. I especially like the simple contrast between the big alphas and the lower case modifier legends. Simple but pleasant to my eyes.
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