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Nov 7, 2018
Hi all, i'm really showing my Audiophile ignorance here so sorry if i'm asking just a really daft question. I've seen @AndrewMason post that "... can tolerate loads between 12 and 8 Ohms if the amplifier is driven to no higher than 4Vpk across the load. Usage outside of these parameters may void the warranty. Do not use the 789 to drive loudspeakers."  So it's not my intent to hook loudspeakers into this, however I do have a set of Verum 1s due to come my way next year which i'm planning to run out of the balanced out. Those headphones are are running at 12ohms (with the cable factored in) with the statement  "1w@12 ohm. But even 0,5W@12 ohm will be suitable."  ...I just want to double check and confirm i'm not going to open a portal to another dimension if I plug those headphones into this. appreciate the help, apologies again if the answer is just plainly listed on one of the spec sheets.
Nov 7, 2018
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