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Dec 6, 2018
I've had mine for what, a month now? I was impressed immediately after the unboxing and hooking it up. I've done some amp swapping since then, and it is even more impressive after side-by-side, direct comparisons. This is the best amp I've heard, compared it to to amps 2x the price or more, and its still a winner. It is an Awesome Amp and I feel lucky to have one. :-) Word of advice - this amp is so clean, and with such a black background, that you can easily damage your hearing. If you find the amp is a bit bright to begin with, but your 'ears adjust after a while' and then it's not so bright - you may have suffered some loss of high-frequency hearing due to this being so lacking in background hiss - and the loud transients have been hammering your ears (pleasurably perhaps, but still, hammering), so you listen at higher volume than normal. You gotta approach super-clean, powerful audio equipment with a certain degree of caution, and respect...fair warning! <edited for redundancy>
Dec 6, 2018
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