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Dec 6, 2020
The Good:
  • - They sound like no other headset and have the most clarity I have ever heard, your music will sound new to you.
  • - Base is not over zealous it's just right and sounds amazing, I love bass music and these handle it like a boss.
  • - Legit all day battery life, I work on them from 8am, and I play games until 3am, battery still going at 40% after all this.
  • - Comes in a nice carry case
  • - Works super well if you are just using a cellphone with LDAC (I used a Samsung, iPhones don't support LDAC)

The Bad:
  • - A lots of static and noise when the headset is idle.
  • - Sometimes you get super loud pops (it hurts your ears)
  • - If another device grabs the headsets via Bluetooth, you have to turn them off and reconnect them to the PC or they will glitch out and studded like they have a poor connection
  • - Plugging in the USB-C connector feels weird like there is something in there, but its clean
  • - Only worth while music service is Tidal, and to get hi-fi or masters it's quite expensive
  • - PC Setup requires an additional $100 worth of equipment to use it at LDAC quality. (Bluetooth LDAC Adapter, Optical Cables) Advanced PC users only for this setup!

Summary: When these work well when you align all the stars to get them setup properly (took a lot of extra equipment for PC setup (Fiio BTA30, 2 optical cables), Phone was fine I don't have a iPhone (iPhones don't support LDAC so don't buy these if you have one), I use Samsung which supports LDAC) If you have them in LDAC and have source audio like flac, hi-fi/masters (Tidal) and even Spotify while not as amazing you can hear things in your favorite songs that you cannot hear on headsets sub $1000 they really do sound amazing. Bass is handled perfectly no extra just what was intended, but that's not to say on a bass boosted song your head isn't going to rattle, because it will. My sadness is all the odd bugs and glitches they seem to have when Idle or doing some actions. I would consider a replacement but it took over 7 months to get these and I fear a replacement may have the same issues or take forever to come in. These headsets are like a very attractive partner that gives you the most amazing sex, but outside the bedroom is bat s**t crazy... You know you should walk away, but you don't know if you can because when its good, its really, really, good.
Dec 6, 2020
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