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Mar 26, 2021
I will say that these are horribly disappointing to me. I've owned them for less than an hour... The USB-C is worrying, first time I plugged a cable in, loud crunching noises. Then the volume control holy... 28% on Windows and it's clipping and distorting... More on the DAC/AMP later... The one ear cup is already squeaking. The headband is horrible. They clamp excessively and the headband is great for making a pressure spot. Where's the software? It's like selling the car without the ECU... Looks pretty but kinda useless. The DAC desperately needs tuning, it crushes bass and kills details, and that's at max quality. Oh and my HP laptop audio out with it's DAC/Amp of so-so quality, dominates the USB-C audio. Jesus the angry pops when it switches off the amp. I'm trying because I was so excited about these but... I'm giving them some more time but I honestly think my Momentum 3s sound better.
Mar 26, 2021
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