DUNU DN-1000 Hybrid IEM

DUNU DN-1000 Hybrid IEM

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Sacrificing sound quality for mobility may have become the norm for most pedestrians, but a new breed of inner ear monitors, using both dynamic and balanced armature drivers, has captured the sound of the studio in a package that fits comfortably in your pocket. Ideal for a stroll through the streets or escaping the confines of air travel, the DUNU DN1000 marries audio excellence and modern convenience Read More

Jul 28, 2015
Still no shipping, order status after the estimated Shipped date for July 6, 2015. Support has assured me that the person handling this drop would be contacted and forwarded my info to. Hasn't heard anything since then. My second support email from last week hasn't been reply to as of 7/28/2015. Is there anyone out there? Does Massdrop have enough people handling supports when there are problems with a dropper not receiving shipping status, order status, etc? Yes, my credit card was charged and my order status under transaction has been flagged as PAID. Right now, I just want to know what's going on. Is the problem on my side or your side? No, the package has not showed up on my door steps (a few people on forums have stated that sometimes they do not get shipping status but received the item anyway). I really want to help you help me but I'm being left in the dark as of now. This is not a good sign or having good faith in future supports for my other drop, which is estimated to shipped around October.
Jul 3, 2015
I own a pair of these and they are TIGHT! One drawback is that they are pretty heavy for being IEMs, and they are quite large so they might not be comfortable for everyone. There's a huge secret behind these earplugs though: Finding the correct plug and thingymajig combination. I use the small tips with the silver thingymajig to get my preferred sound, it's a bit more bassy. I can reduce the bass by using the blue or red thingymajigs but the silver ones makes them pack quite a nice punch.
Jun 18, 2015
Little after 1 year of having these Dunus, ran in to my first problem...

Contacted Vivian from Dunu, waiting for a response, hopefully they can get fixed. They do still work, but I'm pretty sure one accidental tug on the cable and the cable will snap.
Jun 16, 2015
It is really unfortunate that this drop is not more popular. These are great IEM and this price is amazing. It is almost impossible to get this price here in China. With only 5 hours left, it is sad to see it fail.
Jun 11, 2015
does anyone know if these have a non stiffening cable?
Jun 10, 2015
Coincidently, I'm listening to the Dunu 1000 right now and just received the email so I thought I'd chime in. IMHO you can not go wrong with most Dunu products. I've had the Titan 1 and was very impressed but these blew me away. I know there's been reports that they can be uncomfortable but for me they're the most comfortable earphones I've tried. Sure there's better earphones, I personally can't wait to give the Dunu 2000J a try, but you'd be hard pressed to find anything as good at this price. I fit them with Comply 500's and they just continue to amaze me.
Jun 10, 2015
I've had these headphones for about a year now and they are absolutely fantastic - I haven't suffered any of the problems I usually experience with headphones. I highly recommend using the blue and red foam tips. One thing to note is that they may be a bit heavy for some as they are a solid metal construction.
Jun 8, 2015
Quoted from head-fi Nozzle Size: 5mm | Preferred tips: Stock wide-nozzle single-flanges, Stock & Comply T-400 foam tips Wear Style: Straight down or over-the-ear
Pros: Voluminous bass with excellent midrange clarity; lots of eartips included with many possible fit configurations; very well-made Cons: Treble can get peaky typical of a TWFK earphone; a bit heavy in the ear
Accessories (5/5) – Single-flange wide-channel (3 sizes), single-flange narrow-channel (3 sizes), and bi-flange silicone tips, 4 pairs of foam tips, eartip spacer set (6 pairs in 3 sizes), shirt clip, ¼” adapter, airline adapter, cleaning cloth, pair of cable guides, soft carrying pouch, crushproof metal carrying case, and integrated cable wrap
Build Quality (5/5) – As with all of the other Dunu products I’ve tried, the construction of the DN-1000 is very solid. The metal housings have a nice finish to them and the latest iteration of Dunu’s cable is soft, smooth, and tangle-resistant. The machined aluminum y-split and cable cinch add to the premium feel. It may be a little more impressive to see this same level of build quality on Dunu’s sub-$100 models but that doesn’t detract from the DN-1000 in the least. There doesn’t seem to be any driver flex on my unit, either. My one complaint is that the silver L/R markings can be tough to see and the small bump on the left strain relief meant to help identify the left earpiece is too close to the earphone housing
Isolation (3.5/5) – Very good for an earphone with this form factor
Microphonics (4/5) – Good when worn cable-down; excellent when worn over-the-ear
Comfort (3.5/5) – The housings are on the heavy side and large enough to hold the hybrid driver setup. The weight and size can lead to mild discomfort in the long term but the earphones lend themselves nicely to over-the-ear wear, which helps with the weight. Overall, the DN-1000 is similar to the AKG K3003 in size and fit, though its strain reliefs are not offset like those of the AKGs. Dunu’s new eartip spacers help position IEM housing farther out of the ear and can also have an effect on sound, similarly to what we normally accomplish with tip rolling. That said, the DN-1000 is a little pickier with fit than sets like the RHA MA750 and some of the possible tip/spacer combinations make it easy for the tips to slip off the nozzles
Sound (9.2/10) – Balanced armature / dynamic hybrid earphones have been gaining popularity in the past year or two, but few have impressed me as much as the DN-1000. Dunu’s new flagship does what every hybrid hopes to – combines the bass performance of a good dynamic driver with the strengths of a BA setup, in this case the popular Knowles TWFK. The bass driver of the DN-1000 performs very well, providing plenty of both mid-bass and sub-bass, and should satisfy all but the most die-hard bassheads. The bass extends deep and is pretty quick considering the quantity. The RHA MA750, for example, is slower and can sound a bit “bassier” in the conventional sense as a result. The DN-1000 has a thinner note presentation than the RHA MA750, especially in the midrange, but also sounds clearer than the more veiled RHA set. The DN-1000 has more perceived clarity compared, for example, to the HiFiMan RE-400 and StageDiver SD-2, which both sound duller at the top end. The top end of the DN-1000 is bright and crisp, and again rather typical of a TWFK-based earphone. It can be a touch splashy, especially at high volumes, and it takes some playing with all of the included tips and eartip spacers to get the optimal (i.e. smoothest) treble performance out of the DN-1000. I personally found foam tips (especially Comply T-400s) with a deeper seal to work best for me, and the wider single-flange silicone tips with the red spacers to be good as well. In truth, I tend to listen at lower volumes and generally quite like TWFKs, but those who expect to crank up the volume with the DN-1000 to maximize bass impact may find the treble a little too prominent. The RHA MA750, for example, has overall smoother treble and makes the DN-1000 seem a bit fatiguing in comparison. The same goes for the pricier EarSonics SM64 – its treble is smoother, especially at high volumes.
Jan 19, 2015
Great news group! We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out from our warehouse and are now on the way to you! Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking to get into the shipper's system and start updating.
If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to email us at
Jan 6, 2015
Thanks again for joining the drop with the community. We submitted the group’s order with the vendor for the DUNU DN-1000 Hybrid IEM shortly after the drop ended and they have begun preparing it for shipment.
Once the group’s order is ready at the vendor’s location, they will send the bulk shipment to our fulfillment center where we’ll break it up into individual orders and ship them off to you as soon as possible.
The moment we receive confirmation regarding the shipping schedule from the vendor, we will provide you guys with updated information on the status of your package.
Expect an update from us on 1/22 or sooner.
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