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Oct 3, 2019
Mine just arrived in the mail today. Unfortunately, I cannot chime in with @ranscott as I do not believe that this keyboard was actually worth neither time nor money spent. It's simply "it'll do" and no more. I might as well have gotten a cheap Corsair mech keyboard. At least their software supports Linux. Come to find out that the software is required for ANY function keys to work. This just isn't as good a deal as what I had been led to believe. Am I sorry that I paid? No. It's a decent price for a "meh" mech keyboard. Nothing fancy. The 32-bit ARM chip is wasted, now that I have found that there is NO way to use extention keys with my operating system.... not even default function keys. If I had bought this on Amazon, it would be a "return on first day" item. This is also my last purchase with MassDrop / Drop / "shipping is slower than frozen molasses in the arctic" site.
Oct 3, 2019
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