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Apr 9, 2016
I'm glad to report that intensive burning has improved the sound so much, I totally changed my view on these IEMs. I was a bit harsh on them, but then they sounded pretty harsh to begin with - highs were really bad, sibilant but in a weird metallic way, like metallic echo chamber, so bad one cannot concentrate on anything else. From my point - they were very close to unlistenable, a waste. After about 5 days of burning however, this morning I took them for a ride and what a surprise - the sound now matches the look. And the look is luxurious. I'm not going into details about the sound, it isn't 3-driver sound but is very, very good for a single driver. So these are keepers for me, and I'll be burning them more, will see at what point they'll reach their potential.
Apr 9, 2016
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