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Apr 15, 2015
o i just emailed mass drop about the keyboard and the warranty and all of that. This was there response!! Original messages attached also
Hi *****,
Thanks for reaching out to the Massdrop Support team, and good question! In general, Massdrop vows to honor the manufacturer's warranty -- even if the manufacturer doesn't end up honoring their warranty should they not cover products that were resold through unauthorized resellers. Should your keyboard arrive defective or with missing parts, we would ask for proof and we would be more than happy to initiate the replacement process.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
Best, Kat
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Kat Lee Enthusiast Support Specialist Massdrop
On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 11:33 AM PDT, <*******************> wrote: Quote Me and several other people have a question about one of your drops. The E-Element RGB Keyboard. We are all wondering what kind of manufacturers warranty ships with the keyboard. That way we have a way to make sure that it ships in full working order. And if the warranty is able to be redeemed in the USA. Just if you can find that out for us. Thank you!
Apr 15, 2015
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