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E-MU Teak Headphones w/ Removable Cable

E-MU Teak Headphones w/ Removable Cable

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Product Description
From E-MU’s Wood Series, these headphones feature full-size circumaural enclosures handcrafted from your choice of rosewood, ebony, or teak. And now, they’re available with a removable 1.5-meter cable—something fans of the Fostex TH and Denon D Series have been wanting for a while Read More

Customer Reviews

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67% would recommend to a friend
Feb 8, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Beautiful Cans
The sound was great! I sold mine I regret, hopefully they can be back for sale.
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Jun 9, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Great Sound, Poor Quality Control (Old Model)
I'm writing this review a couple years after buying an earlier version of these (the cable was still a thick braided black one) for the reward points. I love the sound signature of these - with the default wood option, they sound like a more well rounded version of the Fostex TH-X00, which I also owned. Unfortunately my unit had some pretty severe QC issues. The cable stopped working within several months. Shortly after that I stopped getting sound from the right side, and then a while after that the left side failed as well. At the time there appeared to be just one guy handling all customer support duties, meaning there was a turnaround time of over a week on email requests. Additionally, sending these back for a repair under warranty meant shipping them overseas. I wound up getting them repaired by a third party rather than go through that process. They still work since getting those repairs done, but overall the experience wasn't great. I'd hope these issues were resolved in newer versions.
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Nov 11, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Very capable headphone.
Despite being packaged and presented in a budget fashion, these are excellent cans especially for bass lovers. An important note, even though these are easy to drive, they sound significantly better when driven properly. They actually LOVE lots of current. Then the sound (especially bass) tightens up and becomes much more open and precise. My favourite is balanced out of a high end tube amp. Unbelievable. I use the little dott 6.
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Apr 22, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Amazing headphones. Great balanced sound. Good quality bass.
Mar 19, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I joined the drop for the Teak version around Christmas last year (2018). Unfortunately, the pair of headphones that I received really did not live up to my expectations. I ended up returning these headphones to Massdrop for RMA due to the following reasons:
  1. Wooden cups were not evenly sanded / straight on the left earcup. This led to a significant gap being left between the wood and the metal ear cup frame on the top of the left ear. To my ear, this did not affect audio quality in a noticeable way, but still did not look good.
  2. Left ear cup had some pretty noticeable scratches in the finish, a disappointing result considering these headphones cost $700AUD after conversion.
  3. The pleather earpads were already cracking due to having dried out, almost as if these had been on a shelf for years without proper protection.
  4. The left cable connector was loose, and rattled quite a bit when moving or when the cable touched clothing. This sound carried over into the headset, and could be heard while listening to music.
  5. The headphones came in the box without any foam or protection. The outside packaging used to ship the headphones was just a thin layer of bubble wrap, so these were essentially unprotected. You would expect such an expensive product to be better protected.
  6. The 'cable case' that came with the headphones was a pink zip up case that looked like a $2 case you'd find from a Chinese seller on eBay. Definitely not an acceptable accessory for a headphone that cost $700.
Sound wise, I believe they sounded fantastic, despite the cosmetic flaws. I do feel like they should be priced about $400-500AUD rather than $700AUD. The exchange rate is really bad at the moment, however, so I believe in better times, that these would sound like they're definitely worth the price. The flaws and issues I had with these headphones seem to tell me that they sent out B-grade stock, leftover stock from much older drops / shipments, or even reject stock. My headphones had very noticeable cosmetic flaws (scratches, uneven cups, loose connector) that you would expect would not get past QC. The small, pink case was a bit of a joke as well. Overall, I was very disappointed with the product I received, considering that it cost $700. Despite the fact that I really enjoyed the sound, I simply could not get over the cosmetic issues, and did not want to spend that much money on a pair of headphones that had glaring cosmetic flaws. Massdrop Support has been fantastic to work with in resolving this, however, so I am not too upset. I will instead be using the funds to purchase a different pair of headphones locally. If you are interested in these headphones, I would be very careful, as it appears they might be sending older stock that may or may not have quality issues.
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Feb 18, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
A friend of a friend told me he would kill to have my headphones. So yeah! 5/5
Dec 16, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
these are my favorite cans to date (e-mu ebony). they're very easy to drive and i'm biased to warm sounding headphones. the wood cups look amazing as well (compared to my beyer dts/sub $200 cans from MD including AKG/Hifiman variants). although these are considered mid-fi, there is clearly an upgrade in quality to my aforementoned purchases (the only thing I may upgrade are the cables-currently looking at a balanced one from periapt) the I purchased these prior to the fostex having detachable cables and am not sure if i'm willing to spend a few hundred just for comparative purposes.
Oct 6, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Here's my review from a couple of years ago, written for reddit. I purchased the Ebony on the first drop. The review is written in comparison to the X00, with which the E-MU share DNA. Build & Usability Solid Ebony cups, colouring varying from pale to jet black. The glossy finish looks nicely done; no unevenness, denting or scratches.The cups seem more voluminous than the X00. Another difference is the 3.5 mm termination, with an included 6.3 mm adaptor. Strange choice, given the length of cabling and the fact that these full-sized headphones are unlikely to see mobile use. Otherwise build is exactly the same as the X00 and other Fostex cans in the same family.
A recap from my previous TH-X00 review:“Headband covering is pleather. The headband is not uncomfortable, but could perhaps use more foam padding. It allows for graded adjustment through metal sliders. The pads are pleather. The opening of these stock pads are on the smaller end – those with extra large ears may feel somewhat squished, but most people won't have a problem. Fairly good quality cable as far as stock cables go, but the fabric covering is somewhat stiff. Poor isolation as a closed-back headphone. Will leak sound, in and out. I wouldn't bring it with me to the library or on public transport. Easy to drive. Proper amping will contribute to better bass management.Overall, it shares a similar build to the Foster TH series & the Denon AH-D series headphones. Nice & solid, slightly heavier than average. Relatively comfortable provided you don't have freaky-big ears, and may be used for a few hours at a time. Having said that, I did not like the cable – too stiff, does not handle well. I'll be looking at re-cabling at some point.”
I eventually re-cabled my X00 through Brian at BTG-Audio. Yes, the stock Fostex cable is stiff, kinks easily, and is generally a little annoying - the same problem is present here on the E-mu. Overall, very nicely built headphones, fairly comfortable even during an extended session.
Sound Clean and euphoric sound.Very well balanced, no strong emphases with good extension on both ends.The tuning is very nicely done.May be described as somewhat warm in sound, but not as much as the X00. Minor cup resonance detectable, less than the X00. The soundstage is superior to the X00, beating its sibling in both depth and width – one of the best I've heard in a closed can. As with the X00, left-right separation is great, with instruments nicely distributed along the coronal plane. Separation and imaging was great – better than the X00 by a small amount. Nice bass...this goes without saying, as the E-mu, X00 and it's other Fostex siblings all have superb bass. The E-mu does not hit as hard as the TH-900, and does not have as much mid-bass as the X00, but it does hit cleanly, tightly & deeply. As with the X00 (and in contrast to the other Fostex cans), the mids are not recessed. In fact, on the E-mu, the vocals are lush & sweet. Very smooth & life-like listening.Less intimate compared with the X00, but more detailed. The treble was of good quantity and quality, with no significant rolling-off at the top.Lots of presence, very airy for a closed can (kinda unexpected really), but not shrill.I did not find the E-mu fatiguing, even during extended 3 to 4 hour sessions. In retrospect, if the X00 had a weakness, it was the detail and maybe the extension of the treble...these E-mu cans don't have the same problem.
Direct Comparison with X00: Cups - nicer wood, increased cup volume. Bass – less mid bass, similar extension, somewhat tighter, less resonant. Mids – more definition, slightly less intimate.Treble - more quantity & presence, slightly better quality, less roll-off.Sound stage - Wider & deeper.
Why should you buy it?
  • All around performer
  • Easily driven
  • Clean, smooth and exciting listening
  • Exotic wood cups!
  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent value
  • A rare closed-back design with no glaring sonic deficits

Why shouldn't you buy it?
  • Poor sound isolation – not great for portable/public/DJ use
Feb 26, 2019
thatsgr8I had you figured for an idiot; now I have the proof.
Oct 5, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Excellent headphones, highly recommended. Love the bass, can't get enough of the mids... highs get me excited.
I have only one note currently. I have a big head and I would hope that the adjustments could be just a bit longer. That would allow a slightly better fit on my ears. Situation might improve as the cups soften and get used to my head properly. But just a heads up for big headed purchasers :)
Still highly recommended!
Jul 20, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
I own the Denon AHD2000's which are awesome headphones and similar but without any wood. These are significantly better with a wider soundstage , better bass, and clearer highs. Mids are a bit recessed, but the overall sound is sublime. These give a truly audiophile sound. I have a headphone amp, but I think these sound just as good without the amp. They do get a bit warm on the ears after a while, but they are super comfortable and plush. Be aware these are pretty big headphones. I have a big head and these fit me perfectly but only on the absolute smallest setting. If you have a small head they may just be too big for you. Overall, I highly recommend. You will want to listen to all your music again as this brings out details and sounds so much better than other headphones you will be amazed at this pricepoint.
Dec 15, 2018
DorianGrayI've got a set of the D2000 also, but with the 7000 cups and minor Lawton mod (cannot remember at the moment) in the original box. If you happen to want an upgraded version shoot a comment
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