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Oct 26, 2019
I was a backer of their Indiegogo campaign... This company is run by nasty disgusting unit arrived broken, the headphone output had fallen inside. I emailed them to say this, and their response was it doesn't fall under warranty so they won't fix it.. I hadn't even plugged in headphones, I fact I hadn't even turned it on.. They insulted people, backers who waited years, by calling them names, telling the community they were stupid and didn't understand. As mad Dane has put, go to head fi and check it out...I remember mad Dane from the was carnage. At camjmas if you went up to them and said you were a backer, they ignored you, ignored your questions, and were generally very rude.. Do not buy this piece of whatever price and don't believe anybody that says this unit is good or gives it more than 1 star, they are lying and probably work for echobox.. This thing isn't worth 99 cents never kind 99 dollars.. Save yourself the time and the aggravation... buy an empty cardboard box, it will play music better than this shyte..
Oct 26, 2019
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