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Jan 14, 2017
@sebperth10 Forget the similar looking bamboo cap, this looks exactly like the Waves Gear Forever Cold insulated water bottle (


The Forever Cold bottle comes in either 750ml ($34) or 1L ($39) and in varying colors, but they regularly have sales that knock off the price enough to make the purchase worth it. Just browsing to the page now I got a pop-up dialogue box offering an instant 10% off.
Some other offers I've seen: 20% off any purchase with a referral; I received promotional emails for 50% - 60% off purchases for things like "winter white blowout", Christmas, or the new year; and sometimes they offer a buy one get 50% off the other. Actually the buy one get 50% off another Forever Cold bottle offer is valid until 2017/01/15 (funny that their email sent three days ago lists the offer dates as 01/10/16 through 01/15/16).
Waves Gear's customer service/support isn't terrible either and will usually send you a replacement bottle free of charge if you find a defect in it.
If you are willing to exercise a little patience (you're considering this drop so I am assuming you are ready for a heavy workout; either that or you're new), check their blog and subscribe to their newsletter and soon enough a sale will surface.
Elemental's only advantage over Waves Gear is that they offer custom engraving for their bottles- for an increased sum, they will engrave custom text or even an image. However, this drop does not provide that option and is for the standard insulated bottle only. Aside from the engraving customization, the specs between the two insulated bottles are exactly the same.
Jan 14, 2017
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