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Mar 16, 2016
E-MU TEAK : Hope we see the E-MU TEAK model soon here on MassDrop for under $399. It may need to compete with Fostex TH-X00 at that price, and as a very similar headphone. But Fostex being a benchmark pedigree name selling thousands of headphones for decades commands attention to their name & great product. E-MU can gain a market entry foothold in headphones, give Creative Technology LTD a boost with E-MU's 2nd woodie offering and sell a lot of TEAK here if priced right. If too high of a price, may not sell many. And, hope TEAK sound signature is described for how it is tuned. If TEAK is attractively priced here under the TH-X00 pricing, feel a ton would sell, and word would spread quickly in the headphone community. I would buy a set if priced right.
Our E-MU Walnut may arrive this week, just got notice to expect mine in next 2 or 3 days.
Will be interesting to compare E-MU Walnut to biocellulose Panasonic RP-HX650K, with plastic cups. The Panny may be rebadged possibly as the same as Creative Aurvana Live (1st model type 1). The E-MU Walnut & CAL probably will get lots of comparisons from owners. CAL made Tyell's InnerFidelity Wall of Fame. The Panny's are super, so these E-MU Walnut should be lots of fun too.
Mar 16, 2016
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