Ergotech Freestanding Triple Monitor Stand
Ergotech Freestanding Triple Monitor Stand
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Elevate Your LCD’s

We know everyone has a different system, but here at the Massdrop office, when someone wants an elevated monitor set-up, it usually involves an empty cardboard box. For an even better way to organize your LCD screens, try out the Ergotech Monitor Stand, an easily assembled support system for up to three monitors.

NOTE: This drop is for the Triple Horizontal Stand with telescoping wings, the 100-D16-B03-TW. This drop is limited to 100 units

Basic Construction

Out of the box, assembly is a screw and a snap. Start by taking the polished black base and inserting the vertical pole, tightening the screw with the included allen key. Next, slip on the the cross bar and tighten the pole clamp. If those arms aren’t long enough for you, screw out the extension knobs and slide out the bar to your desired position. Once you’re ready for your monitors, attach a quick release pivot on the back of each and snap them onto the telescoping arm.

Pivotal Power

The middle monitor is set in a place by a standard VESA Pivot, but you can still adjust its tilt and rotation. As for the two screens outfitted with quick release pivots, you can tilt them, rotate them, or slide them into their position along the arm. To get the viewing angle just right, turn the knob on the pivot to move the height up and down. To take the monitor off, simply tilt it back, pull the release pin, and lift it off the arm. An easy to use solution for anyone requiring multiple monitors, the Ergotech Monitor Stand makes your multiscreen life that much simpler.

  • Model # 100-D16-B03-TW
  • Fits 3 LCD screens of up to 27 in each
  • Rotation- 360°
  • Tilt- 20° up and 10° down
  • Standard 75/100 mm VESA Pivot
  • 2 quick release 75/100 mm VESA Adjustable Pivots
  • Tool-less design
  • Black finish
  • Weight- 26.6 lbs (12.07 kg)
  • Base dimensions- 18 x 16 in (45.72 x 40.64 cm)
  • Vertical pole- 16 in (40.64 cm)

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Estimated ship date is Aug 5, 2015 PT.

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