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Oct 25, 2015
Amazon gives shipping weight as 30 pounds.
Summary of opinions plus some experience: *smoking* deal on a $400 J-205 3TB 60s-style passive J-bass, but you may put another $300 of work into it if you're serious.
Finishing and setup won't be perfect. Electronics could be better. Alderwood body resonance might not be making the most of that low B string. The neck profile is narrow, but deeper than Fender's (a "U" not a "C"). You're not getting a case for this kind of money.
Comparable would be a Squier by Fender in basswood or soft maple with thinner fretwire and a C neck for $350 or so -- actually a much different animal. Late to the party, but hope this is useful to some.
Oct 25, 2015
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