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Jun 14, 2018
would anyone consider this better than the EDC3 and is it worth $50 more?
Jun 14, 2018
Jun 16, 2018
Not sure if this qualifies to answer ur question coz I didn't join the EDC3 drop...
However, I do have the Nuforce EDC and Nuforce BE6i... and in terms of sound, I find Nuforce to be "fun" sounding, meaning, to my ears, it's emphasis is on the bass, which is not a 'negative' by all means. But it doesn't muddy-up the mids, nor overpower the highs. The Nuforce has just enough definition to hear slight nuances to your music, and gives it just enough "oomph" to be an enjoyable listen. In terms of comfort, assuming the EDC3 has the same nozzle width as the EDC (which is about 3mm, somebody correct me if I'm mistaken), it's a very comfy iem for long listening sessions.
Now as for Etymotics, I've recently purchased the HF5 thru the recent drop (actually I'm on the fence for the ER3XR), at first, I found the fit rather 'violating' cause of the way the Etys go in your ear is a little deeper than I expected. But it is easy to get used to. It has become feeling both comfy and secure. Regarding the sound, you will definitely hear everything in your music, where everything is presented balanced, meaning highs are forward without the sibilance, mids are well presented, with the HF5 ever so slightly bumping up the bass. But where all the other iems fail, the Etys Isolation. The isolation on the Etys is spectacular to say the least, as better isolations leads to better focus... simply, you focus on the honest sound being presented to you, everything else, disappears. For comparison, I have the Fiio F5, F9, FH1, F9 Pro, TFZ Series 5, 5s, and Exclusive 5, Kinera H3, Nuforce EDC and BE6i, Thinksound ON2, ATH-MSR7se, AKG K181, but the Ety HF5 desimates them all in isolation. That IS saying something ;) (Hence, why I am on the fence on these ER3 as they are reviewed to be better than the HF5)
So imho, to sum it up:
Comfort: Nuforce EDC and Ety HF5 - same as they both have slender nozzles. Both are secure as the EDC has the over the ear pre-formed cable and the Etys deep insertion.
Sound: Nuforce is a laid back, 'enjoy-your-music' presentation. Etys HF5 is analytical, hear everything as it was mixed or intended (it is also enjoyable due to the slight bump in bass.
Isolation: Nuforce EDC is somewhere on the average passive isolation, similar to most non-ciems. Etys HF5 cancels out the world around you so you can focus on your music.
These are my opinions only. Except for isolation, I couldn't say that one is better than the other as they both have their own sound signatures, that will suit different genres, different tastes and various moods even.
Cheers! (pardon me for the lengthy read)
Jun 16, 2018
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