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Aug 19, 2018
I'm a performing musician and have invested thousands in custom IEMs from Future Sonics and Sensaphonics. Of paramount importance to me is sound quality and isolation. I bought the ER3XRs (I used to have the ER4-P-Ts but lost them). They are far and away the best isolating and sounding IEMs I've used. The FS and Sensaphonics didn't isolate as well and neither of them had the midrange clarity and truth in sound that I like. I'm a bass player, so low end is important. The ER3XRs don't slam the low end, Future Sonics are pretty good at that, but in a live situation, having massive low end isn't such a great thing as it creates ear fatigue and exacerbates my tinnitus. These days I get to hear all the clarity and imaging of a well mic'ed drum set, the vocals, and everything else like never before. I highly recommend them. I'm really tempted to get a back up pair at this price.
I'm using Metric Halo 3d interfaces for my D/A, so that helps create the wonderful sound, but they also sound very good from other sources, including iPads and iPhones.
Aug 19, 2018
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