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Etymotic ER4SR IEM

Etymotic ER4SR IEM

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Product Description
A classic IEM that’s been refined over decades, the Etymotic ER4 gets its latest update in the ER4SR: a model that delivers accurate, reference-quality sound with excellent noise isolation—up to 42 dB of reduction, to be exact. The ER4SR features precision-matched and custom-tuned balanced armature drivers inside sleek anodized aluminum housings, along with a detachable 5-foot-long cable that ends in a 3.5-millimeter gold-plated stereo plug Read More

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Nov 20, 2023
Activities:Critical Listening
Music Genres:Classical, Jazz
checkVerified Buyer
Wonderfull neutral sounding IEM's
These Etymotics sound superb. I couldn't find a better sounding IEM under $750. I use them mostly with a Earmen Sparrow dongle-dac and the sound is clean, crisp, fast and very, very neutral. The way they reveal every tiny detail in the music is stunning. Standard cable is a bit microphonic, so you could upgrade there. For the money....unbeatable.
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Jul 10, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
ER4SR is a winner
Audio engineer by trade, currently operating a project studio doing mostly pop, rock and roots stuff, and I can recommend the ER4 for anyone who wants a neutral but not sterile IEM. The inner canal fit won’t work for some people because of the deep insertion, but if you’ve ever had a deep ear mold done, it won’t feel foreign. It took me two different tip changes to get a proper seal and a comfortable fit and FIT definitely affects their performance, especially in the bass region. Playing tracks back through either a Metric Halo ULN-8 interface and Mac Mini, or with a Pico portable DAC, high resolution material sounds spectacular in both timbre and balance. Stereo balance is as accurate as an IEM can render. It’s a steal at the price and punches well above its price class.
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Apr 26, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Good but treble is lacking a bit of extension
I like these for their extreme sound isolation. Once inserted correctly, I cannot hear the world. The headphones sound neutral. But it is lacking in treble sparkle. Although the frequency range did states that it extends to 16,000 Hz, it drops off quite significant starting around 12,000 Hz. So, it is lacking that air that I looks for in acoustic music. But it could be my hearing though. So, read this with a grain of salt.
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Feb 17, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Some of my favorite IEMs
Some of my favorite IEMs around this price range
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Feb 5, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Excellent detail together with noise cancelling
Am a frequent air traveler, have owned highly rated noise cancelling headphones of various brands over the years.. These aren't active noise cancelling earphones but they are practically as good as the bulky ones made you know where. They really shine in voice clarity and are able to separate music instruments; in this respect leave the noise cancellers in the dust plus they are small and pocketable. I now own two pair and one pair stays permanently in my business travel bag. My ears had to get used to the the silicone ear adapters and they suffer from microphonics from cable movements, but that is a very small price to pay for overall superlative performance ,in my experience.
Dec 16, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
classic reference IEM updated
There are tons of reviews out there for Etymotic IEMs, so I won't go into the sound too much. These are a reference neutral IEM with great clarity. I will compare them to the ER4XR - I got both in order to see which I preferred. I previously had the ER4PT which I used with its impedance adaptor, giving it a slight bass tilt, so I thought I would prefer the ER4XR. However, the XR's built-in bass slope (I wouldn't even call it a shelf in the Harman sense), while moderate, seemed to obscure the mids just enough that the SR had an obvious mid-range clarity and presence advantage. The SR is still not as clinical as the previous ER4S or ER4PT without impedance adaptor though, so it strikes a perfect balance for me. Other people may prefer the XR tuning, but I would recommend trying both to compare. The only controversial part of the Etymotic IEMs remains their fit - the deep ear penetration takes some getting used to, but also contributes to the excellent sound isolation which allows for lower and safer listening levels. Try different tips to get the right fit, I prefer the included foam tips to the seems my ear canal bends a bit so they work better for me. They also have the most sound isolation of the tips afaik. I've also tried Comply Professional tips, and they are even more comfortable, but do reduce mid and high detail very slightly - some people may prefer that sound change.
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Aug 14, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
very technical. would get
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Jul 10, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Awesome linear sound!
Really love the quality and doesn't feel uncomfortable at all! Great sound although not my daily driver.
Mar 18, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Excellent sounding IEMs at a great price
I’ll get the hard part out of the way first: Some people just plain don’t like IEMs, especially deep-inserting ones like the Etymotics. I get it. I agree that if an earphone is not comfortable for you, nothing else, including sound, matters. I also assume that if you are in that group, You are not even reading this. I don’t mind the fit, although I will say that I tried a lot of third-party tips before finally finding something that gave me good isolation and good comfort. This is not my first rodeo with Etymotic. I have owned hf series and the ER3XR. I decided to take the plunge when Drop added the ER4XR/SR. I bought the XR version so all my comments relate to that. The 3XR and the 4XR are like fraternal twins. They are very much alike in their overall signature. The improvements in the 4XR are subtle, aut they are across-the-board— Bass is distinct and tight (and solid with a proper fit). Mids are smooth and just about as neutral as it gets. The high end is smoother on the 4 than on the 3. I haven’t heard the SR version but based on Etymotic’s description and my experience with the earlier hf series, I opted for the XR version with a little more heft at the bottom end. Very happy with the ‘enhancement’. It gives it a fuller, more solid sound without adding obvious coloration. NOTE- IMJ if someone complains ebout the bass, one or both of two factors is is in play: 1) They are a ‘bass head’ and accustomed to the ‘boom car’ sound that brands like Beats are designed to provide, or 2) Their fit isn’t right. BTW if the fit is right you don’t need to jam them in your ear as hard as possible; a gentle insert will do it. Lastly, the 3 vs the 4: While the 4 is the ‘better’ earphone, the 3 may actually be a better choice if you use them mainly with portable battery powered devices like smartphones, due to the impedance being half that of the 4. My phone drives the 4 OK but I do have to turn the volume up fairly high, and I don’t listen that loudly. If you like to blast ‘em, maybe the 3.... Lastly I will say that the one thing I definitely like better on the 3 is the cable; the twisted wires on the 4 cable seem more prone to tangling. This is a nitpick though. Overall I highly recommend this product with the proviso that you may have to experiment with tips, including third-party. The new dual flange tips are an improvement in comfort though. Enjoy.
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Sep 6, 2021
AnalogRelicThanks for the great review, I was interested in how they compared to the 3, which I currently have. Would you mind sharing which third party tips you ended up using, I'm still struggling a little with the fit of mine.
Sep 6, 2021
Acezero911YMMV of course but the ones I settled on were Spin-Fit CP240M (they come in different sizes of course.) And the new dual-flange jobs from Etymotic themselves are a big improvement IMO over the earlier triple flanges. There will be a selection of sizes in the package. I must have tried every tip on the market I think, so some experimentation may be required. Memory foams like Comply are very adaptable but don’t last long in waxy ears like mine.
Mar 16, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Totally happy upgrading from older an older pair of ER4
Simply having the disconnects to replace the cable makes me extremely happy, albeit the proprietary connectors. The old models were hard wired and extremely easy to break the cord since the stress grommet was so stiff. To replace out of warranty would cost me the same as buying these new response versions from Drop, go figure! These are my choice for portable/travel and anywhere I need "noise-cancelling" concentration. *WARNING* with the extremely good seal of in-ear foams (especially larger 3rd party), beware of the volume setting of your source before turning on/playing. You will damage your hearing or develop a severe case of tinnitus if not careful before you are able to extract the IEMs from your ear in time.
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