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May 29, 2020
Two big differences between the MK5 and the higher end Etymotic models:
  • The MK5 use dynamic drivers, and therefore are bigger than the rest of the models and also respond better to EQ settings (if you use Poweramp, the bass tone dial can work wonders).
  • The MK5 do not require filters like the other Etymotic models. So not only are they cheaper, they are also in my opinion better suited for rougher treatment.
For $50, these are amazing. Try out the big 3-flange tips included in the package, and if you like them and find them comfortable-ish, I recommend buying the gray 3-flange tips from Etymotic (they are not listed as compatible with the MK5 but they are). They are not cheap but the improvement in comfort and sound quality is worth the price!
May 29, 2020
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