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Feb 7, 2017
As a musician, and especially as a percussionist, having been on drumline and everything, i have to deal with a lot of loud noise. I've tried using different earplugs in the past, but they muffle the noise, and when in an ensemble environment, that doesn't cut it, because being able to clearly hear all players is extremely important in order to achieve the best balance of sound among the different voices. I've been using these earplugs for almost two years now, and they are amazing. They make enough of a difference so that you don't suffer any damage or discomfort from high noise levels, but you don't lose any quality and can still hear everything clearly, so you can still maintain the best quality and balance of sound. In any music environment, especially in a performance setting, these are hands down the best, low cost solution for anyone looking to reduce noise and hearing damage without losing any quality or clarity of sound.
Feb 7, 2017
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