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Feb 7, 2017
I think this drop is actually for ETY-Plugs, as shown in the photos and mentioned in the description, not for the ER-20XS as one could infer from the drop title. Note the end of the URL for Etymotic's own ETY-Plugs page:
From that (and other sales pages I found), I infer ETY-Plugs were formerly/alternately known as ER-20, which should dispel any apparent discrepancy between this drop title and the photos/description. That would further suggest the ER-20XS is not on offer for this drop, being a more recent, updated model distinct from the ETY-Plugs/ER-20 shown here.
That cleared up, this doesn't seem like any deal at all, at least for US buyers, considering Amazon currently lists them for $12.95 with free shipping by default (no Prime needed).
Feb 7, 2017
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