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Nov 12, 2018
I'll update this review once I go to a concert with these. I got the large and clipped off the base flange with side cutters as someone suggested in the comments. The result is a tight and secure fit, I can wear them comfortably and *almost* forget I'm wearing them after a while. If you're doing this I suggest you take your time and reinsert the tips to make sure you have a good fit and not cut off too much. If you screw it up however there's always ebay/amazon. Might try the silicone ones from beats, I remember those sealing well in-ear. (Edit: I no longer use them and have opted for the memory foam) The sound so far while wearing them is pretty great. Testing so far has only involved speaker output at medium volume at most, so please take this review for what it is until it is updated. Vocals are crystal clear. Highs also retain the same clarity; to describe it it's like the sound of top hats are travelling through the plugs and into your ear. Unfortunately this cannot be said with the lower range. There is a loss of warmth in the bass and mids, especially in instruments you may notice a slight "deadness" in the sound which makes it sound less alive. The end result skews what you hear somewhat and produces an odd tone which works in certain genres but not others, especially acoustical instrumentation. I imagine however the use case being primarily for loud gigs where they do a good enough job of blasting music upwards of 104dB, so this may not matter so much. And I am using a pair of modified eartips so please also consider that I may have changed the sound signature somewhat. So after going to see Primal Fear I don't hear ringing, so that's good. Their sound balancing was garbage so using the music as a reference was a bad idea. I swapped tips between songs and compared flanged to the regular silicone vs memory foam. There is virtually no difference between the two silicone options, and towards the end there was an incredible itching sensation in my inner ear... The foam slightly reduces clarity, but it's foam, so it feels better. Experiment with speakers to see what works for you. Overall a good product. Comes with a small clip-seal carrying case that's very pocket friendly and has a string to attach to the canals/stems/whatever you wanna call them making it safe to handle without potentially losing a side. Doesn't deafen the frequency range like some other earplugs seem to do, kinda just suppresses them in a satisfactory way. There are probably better earplugs but cost 5 or 10 times more than this. Worth a buy if you don't already have a good pair and makes a good gift for that dumbass friend that doesn't care for hearing protection and will end up getting tinnitus. Also they work a treat for loud machinery.
Nov 12, 2018
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