Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer

Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer

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Product Description
Discussed, debated, and decided on by the Eve community (which includes more than 1,000 members), the Eve V tablet computer is built for gamers, creators, and everyone else. Swipe on it like a tablet or unfurl the keyboard and use it like a laptop: whatever orientation you choose, it's crisp and clear Read More

The First-Ever Crowd-Developed Computer

Discussed, debated, and decided on by the Eve community (which includes more than 1,000 members), the Eve V tablet computer is built for gamers, creators, and everyone else. Swipe on it like a tablet or unfurl the keyboard and use it like a laptop: whatever orientation you choose, it's crisp and clear. Made from Corning Gorilla Glass, the IGZO LCD touch display boasts a crisp 2,880-by-1,920 resolution. Thanks to the Intel 7th-Gen Core CPU  i7-7Y75  and 16GB LPDDR3 RAM, you’ll be able to tackle tasks like editing photos and videos, creating online content, and playing games. You can connect to the internet using 802.11ac 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands, and with the MU-MIMO. Finally, the 48Wh battery provides more than 12 hours of use on a single charge—not to mention it has two far-field microphones and a dedicated audio amp built by Texas Instruments.

Note: This drop is for the i7 tablet version. At checkout, You'll also be able to add a host of accessories. See checkout options for more details.

Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer
Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer
Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer
Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer
Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer
Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer
Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer
Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer
Eve V 2-1 Detachable Personal Computer


Display & Touch Panel

  • Display material: Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Display: IGZO LCD 
  • Display size: 12.3 in (31.2 cm)
  • Resolution: 2,880 x 1,920 
  • Contrast ratio: 1:1500
  • Color: 100% sRGB
  • Anti-reflection coating 
  • Metal-mesh technology

Hardware & Software

  • CPU:  (i7) Intel 7th-Gen Core i7-7Y75 
  • RAM:  (i7) 16GB LPDDR3 
  • Storage: (i7) 512GB PCIe SSD
  • OS: Windows 10 Home


  • Types: 802.11ac (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz), 2x2 MU-MIMO, Bluetooth 4.2, Miracast 
  • Inputs: 2 USB-A 3.0, USB 3.0 USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, 3.5mm audio, Micro SDXC reader


  • Types: Fingerprint, hall, gravity, light, gyroscope


  • Speakers: 1W quad speakers
  • Audio jack amplifier: Texas Instruments (tpa6133) 
  • 2 noise-canceling microphones


  • Sensor: 2 MP front, 5 MP rear


  • Windows Ink Certified N-trig
  • 1,024 pressure levels
  • 2 buttons
  • Surface Pro pen support


  • Wired and wireless backlit 
  • Synaptics glass-covered precision touchpad 
  • Connection type: Bluetooth 4.2


  • Battery: 48 Wh
  • Dimensions: 11.6 x 8 x 0.3 in (29.5 x 20.5 x 0.8 cm)
  • Weight, keyboard: 14.4 oz (410 g)
  • Weight, tablet: 32.6 oz (925 g) 


  • V keyboard
  • V pen
  • USB Type-C cord
  • Power adapter
  • 1 Year warranty - parts and labor


Estimated ship date is Aug 21, 2019 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

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I received an email from Eve devices informing me that they are basically selling out their remaining stock for $779. That reminded me about how I purchased mine from Drop for $1099 - and how I'm seriously considering purchasing a 2nd one. I'm extremely happy with the Eve V. It's SSD is lightning fast. I power it on and it's ready to go in about 10 seconds. It's capable of handling everything that I've thrown at it. To be honest, though, I'm not a gamer, so I probably haven't stressed the Eve V to it's theoretical maximum. The worst I've thrown at it is streaming video while also having 15 browser tabs open plus a few other apps/programs running, so not too stressful for a device with an i7 core and 16GB of RAM. Now that I've had it for several months, here are the few issues that I have with the Eve: 1) I'd like to have an HDMI port. The Eve V has 2 x USB 3.0 slots and 2 x USB-C slots (and a headphone jack if that's how you roll). When I'm at home I want the ability to plug in a second monitor. I know there are probably some cables out there that are DVI on one end and USB-C on the other (or perhaps USB 3.0), but a full-size HDMI port would add more flexibility. As it is right now, I use Mouse Without Borders (from Microsoft Garage) and sync the Eve with my laptop and desktop that way, so as long as my wifi router pumps out a good signal, I'm good (but when it drops, even for just a second, I have to reconnect, and that's a pain). 2) I'd like at least one more USB 3.0 port, again, just for increased flexibility. I suppose I could get one of those dongles that has a lot of USB ports that I plug into a single USB port on the Eve, but that's just a pain. I have a cheap Bluetooth mouse (I prefer using a mouse over a touchpad on any computer) that has a USB plug-in, so when I'm using my mouse, I only have 1 free USB 3.0 port, and that's the port that I have my external drive plugged into (I have a portable external 750GB SSD that I use to save space on the Eve, my other laptop, and my desktop). 3) I don't use the USB-C ports to their maximum potential. It's my understanding that USB-C's are supposed to be able to handle blazing fast data and traffic and blah blah blah - I have no idea. So far, I've only used to charge the Eve V. If you're not a rapid adapter of newer technology and would prefer to be able to use the cables you already have on hand (i.e. stuff with USB 3.0 connections), then this device will kind of limit you. I probably should buy more USB-C stuff, but I haven't. Oh, well. 4) I've experienced a few issues with transitioning from computer to tablet and then back to computer. The computer to tablet transition isn't a problem - simply select the "Tablet Mode" option, detach the keyboard, and boom - it's a tablet. However, sometimes (not always, but a handful of times), when I reattach the keyboard and select "Computer Mode," the screen gets kind of screwy. It recognizes the keyboard, but doesn't recognize inputs from the touchpad, or if it does, the movements and positioning of the cursor are all messed up. At the same time, the touchscreen is also messed up - as in my finger will be touching the screen trying to select something, and the cursor is elsewhere on the screen. The few times this has happened I've ended up simply restarting the computer (not a problem, it only takes 10 seconds!!!), and the problem disappears. I have no idea why this happens/happened - again, not like I was running massive statistical software or playing a game that maxed out the Eve's capabilities - it just...happened. 5) As I get older, I'm becoming more security conscious and would like to move away from Windows (especially Windows 10) and more towards Linux or something. I don't know enough about IT or computers or anything to make the leap from Windows 10 to Linux/Debian/Mint/whatever, and I'm loathe to try to wipe this Eve V and install something else because I know I would screw it up. That being said, it would be nice if Eve Tech offered this device with an option of having something other than Windows 10 installed. 6) There isn't a page up/down key which is annoying, though this is probably just a personal pet peeve. You have to use CTRL plus arrow keys (or is it SHIFT and arrow keys? - I always forget). Also, ALT codes don't work, in my experience. For example, if you want to insert an arrow, such as → , on a regular keyboard you could simply type press ALT and type 26, and the arrow appears. No amount of researching that I've found has allowed me use ALT codes to insert arrows (and other figures). I literally have a Word document that has arrows and Greek symbols on it that I keep open and cut and paste from. That is a drawback of having the tablet-sized keyboard instead of a full-sized keyboard. 7) I've used the Eve V everyday for several hours per day since I purchased it last summer. I've traveled all over the US and Europe with it, taking it with me on the airplane, trains, roadtrips, etc. I purchased a nice carrying case for it from Amazon that's done a nice job of protecting it. To this day, the screen is still blemish-free (except for a few smudged fingerprints); the microfiber on the keyboard that I was a bit hesitant about at first is still pretty clean (some dust, but nothing gross); I don't use the pen very often, but when I do, it works like charm, though the button on it should be placed elsewhere because it's quite easy to press if you're not paying attention. 8) One thing I may or may not have mentioned - the Eve V comes with the pen included, but it ALSO comes with 3 or 4 different plug adapters which I thought was pretty awesome considering that I love to travel. The charging block has the standard US plug, but there's an adapter for the UK, an adapter for Europe, and a third adapter for some other country. There may be a 4th one but I'm too lazy to walk over to the other room and look right now. When you order the Eve V, it'll ask you if you want to order a "kit" or something like that that includes the travel adapters, cable, etc. Don't get that kit - it's literally just extra adapters, so you'll end up having 2 x UK adapters, 2 x Europe adapters, 2 x Other country, etc. It was kind of misleading, which is irritating, because it was also expensive (though I don't recall how much it was). 9) Overall, I love the Eve V. It's has it's flaws (and to be fair, the company Eve Tech did royally f**k over some of its customers early on), but I absolutely love my Eve V. I think that if you're looking for a Surface Pro competitor tablet, this is what you should get. It's incredible. I'm not a corporate shill, I have no stake in Eve Tech/Eve Devices the company - according to an email I received from Eve, starting on Monday, February 24th at 1700 Eastern Standard Time, they're having a sale for the exact model of Eve V that I have (i7, 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD) for $779. If you're looking for a Surface Pro or equivalent, I be all over this opportunity like a fat kid at a Golden Corral buffet. In closing - it looks like Eve Tech is going to make a 2nd iteration of the Eve V. I don't know how long it will take for them to make the 2nd generation. They're probably trying to clear out stock now to get some cash and make room for the new stuff. I hope that the company has learned from their past mistakes in their customer service and customer support. While I personally have not been screwed over by them financially, I understand that others have and I hope that moving forward, the company ensures that THAT will not happen again. I can honestly say, however, that the technology that they created, the Eve V, is an outstanding product. I would happily purchase another Eve V, and I highly recommend it to anybody and everybody (that being said, it always helps to purchase through a 3rd party, like I did via Drop, to ensure that you don't get screwed!!!). If anybody has any questions, please ask away. With kindest regards, HoofHearted69_420