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Apr 4, 2021
They are pretty terrible. The stock lube is too thick and seems to be silicon based, reminds me of dielectric grease. The switches are super slow not sure if it is polycarbonate on polycarbonate friction or the tolerances are too tight but there is crazy amount of friction I tried to delube one switch which made it absolutely unusable, it binds like hell to the point it gets stuck on upstroke. I will try lubing it with something thin like gpl 104. ***UPDATE*** The top housings are insanely tight the stem snugly sits in it. Gladly I have bunch of loose zealio tops which mostly fix the issue, after lube there is still some friction similar to creams. But the stock switches are nearly unusable such unrefined product should not be sold here. ***UPDATE 2*** Compare that to zealio top
Apr 4, 2021
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