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Oct 22, 2019
I clipped some 'strike-anywhere' matches only as short as necessary to fit and three go in beside the needle. Four might fit, but my guideline is that fire is an emergency need, so I should be able to use my solution one-handed. With the matches loose, I can tap the spool to get them out. I wanted them long so they don't rub and either lose their coating, or light in the spool. I don't see this as the regular place to carry an every-day fire-starter, but rather as 'cold storage'. I've thought of coating some with wax as well, but that might make them stick - so it may be safer to leave them 'bare'. They are already a tight fit, and I have to tap to get them out. When I really need them, I'll really need them, and one-handed, and shivering. Remember that the 'duct tape' itself provides good fuel for starting fires - once lit it burns for a long time. Tear it into strips and make a bird's nest.
Oct 22, 2019
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