EZGO Slim Wallet
EZGO Slim Wallet
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To downgrade the space your wallet occupies without losing any of the room inside, try the EZGO Slim Wallet and fit your world in a sleek leather package that’s thinner than three playing cards. The EZGO 1.0 features an elastic band for your money while the 2.0 model features the same solid construction as the original and replaces the strap with a second pocket lined with black suede, the perfect place for your cash or most frequently used credit card Read More

Jan 10, 2020
Having my wallet (and credit cards) stolen once when traveling, I decided to buy the Ezgo Slim about 5 years ago just for use when I travel. While it only gets used a few weeks a year, it has proven to be perfect for what I wanted. This thing is awesome for holding just a few cards and cash. It's a great product.
Sep 5, 2019
I don't think the RFID blocking works as well as advertised. Have my travel card in the elastic pocket and the rest of my cards in the main pocket, the scanner for my travel card is picking up my credit cards too.
Aug 16, 2019
I really love the EZGO slim wallet 2.0. I wanted it again, but it was sold out here so I went to the product's website: https://ezgo-wallets.myshopify.com/ and bought it there. Was able to get two of them for 35$ with code 2for35 with free shipping
Aug 15, 2019
This wallet is amazing, I’ve been using it since the first time it appeared in Massdrop Te price is not really attractive since is possible to buy 2 for 35$ in the official store
Aug 14, 2019
As an update to my prior posting: Its quickly approaching the 5th year since I got this wallet. I still use it daily. It’s held up amazingly. Recently took its first and only trip in the washing machine. Before that it was pretty shiny on the leather and in great condition. Now looks a little more weathered. But through everything this has been a great purchase. No other wallet has been remotely looked at since getting it. if I could figure out how to leave a review it would get 5 stars easily.
I may soon buy another one or two for myself so I never have to be without in the future when this one finally gives out.
Aug 10, 2019
is it possible to get one of these without the RFID garbage? I carry my bus pass card in my wallet and the RFID crap will force me to take the card out of my wallet every time I need to use it....
Aug 25, 2019
Oh, the cloth pocket is outside the rfid stuff?
Aug 25, 2019
Oct 13, 2018
Still using mine. I've now managed to stuff about 17 cards into it..
Jul 30, 2018
Been waiting to pick up another one of these since the last drop. My favourite wallet. It's just so small and neat.
Jun 19, 2017
RFID protection does seem to work. I tried on the Tube this morning with one credit card in the secondary elastic wallet and 2 others in the main compartment. There was no card clash on the card reader.
Jun 3, 2017
Bought one of these a while back. I have the 2.0 model and tend to keep 2 cards in the main pocket and usually 3 in the secondary elastic pocket. I am sure you could fit more but it would stretch the elastic some. Not the best if you want to be able to get stuff out quickly and fit a lot of cash cards and coins in it. I find it was perfect for me though as I only had a few cards and it was super compact. Perfect for smaller pocket sizes and not having awkward pocket bulges from larger wallet sizes.
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