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Jul 13, 2017
I've had a loom for about six months. This pen would be a bargain at $60, let alone the mark of 40 that I paid, or the 33 massdrop wants.
This pen has one of the finest steel nibs ever made. It's absolutely flawless, perfectly tuned with the barest hint of very deliberate feedback. Wet, butt not gushing, and the M I have is usable even on cheap paper (reverse writes a nice, smooth, fairly wet needlepoint) though for everyday use on copy paper, go for an extra fine or fine.
The only issue I have with it is the cap snaps on almost too tightly. This thing is never coming off unintentionally. It has eased up a bit as it has been broken in, but it's still pretty much a two hand affair to uncap.
The body is nicely weighted, not a lightweight pen, but very comfortable for notes or long writing sessions. The grip is very secure and comfortable. The cap is light, but very well made and the clip is perfection.
Get a converter. If this is your first pen, get a bottle of "sailor jentle" ink in your choice of color (i like yama dori , turquoise, Oku yama, red, or souten, blue) on Amazon. The whole joy of fountain pens is the ink.
Jul 13, 2017
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